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Branson Roadtrip December 31 2013, Issue #007 --Branson Update
January 02, 2014

Branson, MO December 31, 2013

December, usually a relatively mild winter month in Branson, has already brought a major winter storm to the southwest Missouri Ozarks. Freezing rain, sleet and snow has hit us, and that can make traveling around in these hills difficult. But as they say "The show must go on", and for the most part the shows did just that, making the Christmas season a white winter wonderland.

Branson Show changes for 2014:

What is commonly known as the "Branson Shuffle" where entertainers make their moves to new digs, has already begun and that has left a lot of unknowns for some of the most attractive theater venues.

• The Haygoods announced their move from the RFD TV-Theater to the Clay Cooper Theater for the 2014 season joining Clay Cooper's Country Music Express. That puts two of the most popular shows at the same location. Add the legendary Mel Tillis in the fall along with Red, Hot and Blue, Joseph Hall's "Elvis" Rock n' Remember show and Buckets N' Boards and you can bet this theater will be the center of attention in 2014.

• The Haygoods have given up their management of RFD TV-The Theater and the Americana Theater to focus on bringing new dynamics to their show. What will be at these two theaters is yet to be known but check our pages for updates as they happen in 2014. Leaving these 2 theaters and Branson, at least on a regular basis in 2014 for road show travel are: Roy Rogers, Jr. & the Highriders, 3 Redneck Tenors and Todd Oliver & Friends. Yet to announce their plans for 2014 are Cassandre and John Tweed. We'll let you know.

• Mr. Banjo, Buck Trent will move his morning show from the RFD TV The Theater to the Baldknobbers Theater, joining the Sons of the Pioneers matinee show (see below) and the Baldknobbers evening show.

• The Gatlin Brothers will make their home in 2014 at the Starlite Theater. They made a late change to the Starlite in the fall of 2013 and apparently were happy with the new place. 80 shows are planned in 2014 mostly in the fall and at Christmas.

• The Rankin Brothers who spent this year at Clay Coopers Theater have announced 2014 plans at Yakov Smirnoff's Theater on Hwy 248 and Hwy 65. And Yakov will be back at his theater in 2014.

Jim Barber leaves the Hamner Barber Show after 2,302 performances to begin various endeavors including his desire for more time in marketing Branson, MO. He'll still be around so we imagine we'll still have chances to see his great talent. The Hamners begin 2014 with their new show Hamners' Unbelievable Variety Show. The rest of the line-up at the theater will be announced soon.

Kenny Presley Live "For the Love of Elvis" show arrived in Branson in the fall of 2013 at Doug Gabriel Theater behind Olive Garden on Hwy 76. After a good fall run, Kenny will be back in 2014. His location has yet to be decided but we will provide that information when it is announced.

Dublin's Irish Tenors with special guests The Celtic ladies replace The 12 Irish Tenors at the King's Castle Theater.

A few other changes that are being mentioned:

Sight and Sound Theater announces their new show Jonah for the 2014 season.

Liverpool Legends move from Andy William's Theater to the Caravelle Theater next to Jim Stafford's place.

The Cat's Pajamas move from Andy William's Theater to Music City Center.

The Magnificent Variety Show moves from the God & Country Theater to the Hamner Variety Theater.

Patsy Cline Remembered moves from the Imax Theater Complex to the Hamner Variety Theater.

God and Country Theater has announced the addition of 4 new shows for 2014: 3 Men and a Lady, Bee Gees and Beyond, A God & Country Salute and the Super Heroes Show.

Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Theater

A particularly sad note is the closing of the Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Theater as of October 19, 2013 after 54 years. We are hopeful that something will change to bring back this great production of Harold Bell Wrights novel "The Shepherd of the Hills". In the meantime, we can still enjoy this beautiful story that sparked the beginning of Branson tourism.

The famous and legendary Sons of the Pioneers who performed for many years at the Pavilion Theater at Shepherd of the Hills will move to the Baldknobber's Theater for matinee performances before the evening Baldknobbers show.

Other activities at the Shepherd of The Hills Homestead such as the Homestead tour, Inspiration Tower, the Vigilante Ziprider and the Super Summer Cruise Car Show will continue to be open for 2014. We will keep you informed of what other activities and shows may be in the future at this famous homestead.

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