Branson Motels

Branson Motels are concentrated in the Branson Entertainment District but there are some wonderful ones sprinkled throughout the outlying areas around the lakes and among the resorts. Branson vacations are enhanced by making the right choice.

Branson, MO is one of the most economical vacation destinations in the country. Nice lodging at good prices is the norm both in town and around the lake area. If you want that getaway but need to save money, Branson is where you can do that and still have a great vacation.

Everyone has their own vision of what a motel is but we include the small ones where you park at the front of each room as well as the larger ones with indoor corridors and nice lobbies and extra amenities.

You can find both cheap, luxury and in-between accommodations among the Branson lodging choices. Some of these will provide a variety of activities on the property and some merely provide a basic unit where a person lays their head after a busy day of shows and attractions.

You can find a place that will fit your needs and your price in the Branson area. And in Branson you'll find many locally owned and managed motels. Motels operated by people who go out of their way to make your stay a happy one.

Our pages are meant to provide listings to assist in choosing the Branson lodging that is right for your vacation.

There are a few guidelines to know when viewing our pages.

  • Price categories

  • Since rates can change with the season or the day of the week we list all lodging in category ranges instead of trying to show all rates. These ranges are based on their basic rooms during a normal season. However the rates may be higher or even lower depending on various factors. The ranges are a guide only and are noted by the hotel name on each page.

    • Economy range-$50 per night or less
    • Modest range–$50-$80 per night
    • Mid range–$80-$99 per night
    • Upscale range–$100 + per night
    • Luxury range-$150 + per night

    Categories do not necessarily indicate true quality. Some cheap motels are simple but clean and comfortable with friendly and helpful proprietors.

    Categories are the writer's opinion and are based on basic room prices. Many will have rooms and suites that will be priced outside the category range.

    It is best to check rates based on the season you will be traveling since prices at some motels change through the year. Rates may be negotiable at some motels during the slow season.

  • Amenities

  • Our listing includes known amenities. If an amenity or certain items are important to you make sure they are included before reserving the room.

  • Reviews

  • Checking Branson motel reviews on various web sites may be helpful but opinions differ based on the expectations and attitudes of the consumer. Some reviews are not fair and others are not critical enough.

    Price ranges are indicative of the amenities provided so some of the cheaper motels cannot be expected to provide the same quality as the higher priced locations.

    Customer service and cleanliness is important and can be provided regardless of price. It is fair to expect it. Some properties make it a point to advertise their friendliness and cleanliness so they should be held to that standard. Generally if they make a point of it they understand the importance of that service and provide it.

    Making a call to the motel can also give you an indication of the quality of the motel. If they can't be friendly and helpful on the phone, you may not want to expect it when you stay.

Branson Motels have been divided into areas based on our Branson area map. This guide and our Branson map will help you understand locations of the motels and assist in finding those that are closer to the activities that you plan to pursue. Depending on your activity plans, it can be important to secure a motel in the area where you plan to spend the most time. Doing this will save you time and money. However, any area will be reasonably close to any activity you are looking for in Branson.

There are some quaint accommodations located downtown and they will be convenient if you want to explore the downtown and Branson Landing shops. There are a good variety of restaurants located in the area. Check our Branson Downtown Motels page

Our Branson North Motels page guides you to properties off Hwy 65 north of downtown including the Branson Hills development and those located on or near Hwy 248.

As you head west out of downtown, Main Street becomes Hwy 76. Hwy 76 is divided in three areas and all are situated in the heart of the entertainment and theater district. 76 East is closest to the downtown area and filled with restaurants and theaters. Check our 76 East Motels page.

The 76 Central Motels page encompasses the middle area of Hwy 76 and the connecting streets including the Thousand Hills Golf Club, Wildwood Drive and part of Green Mountain Drive.

The 76 West Motels page include Hwy 76 west of Gretna, the area immediately south of Hwy 76 on Hwy 165, the west end of Green Mountain Drive, the south part of Gretna Rd and Shepherd of the Hills Expressway.

South of Green Mountain Drive on Hwy 165 is the Hwy 165 Motels section. There are a few either along the highway or in the Fall Creek area to the east of Hwy 165. Also included is the Parkview Lodge located across the Table Rock Dam and across from the State Park campground.

West of Branson in the area along Hwy 265 and Hwy 76 are motels which are listed on our Silver Dollar City Motels page. These motels are situated near the lake, near Silver Dollar City and Shepherd of the Hills Homestead. A base here will be in a quiet area but easily accessible to all activities so you may want to check out this area. There is also a lot of camping in this area as well.

Further West on Hwy 76 is Branson West, MO. Branson West is a small town west of Silver Dollar City and just north of the lake. Check the Branson West Motels page for this lodging. This is a quiet town with inexpensive lodging and plenty of restaurants and shopping.

From Branson West you can head south to the Kimberling City area. The Kimberling City Motels page includes the motel lodging in the area across the lake on the south shores of Table Rock Lake. This is a lake town with plenty of lake activities available, a good selection of eating establishments and a great food store for picnics or in-room eating. There are also plenty of small resorts in the area.

You will need to visit the area pages for any details on Branson motels but we have added a Branson Motel list arranged in alphabetical order of all the Branson motels in the area with just the name, address, phone number, website name and the area on our Branson map where they are located.

We have also included a page for Branson motels by price range. Some Branson motels may be listed on two pages if they crossover in the price range. These pages include

  1. Branson Economy Motels

  2. Modest Priced Motels
  3. Mid-Priced Motels
  4. Upscale Motels
  5. Return from Branson Motels to the Homepage

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