Festivals are one of the great enjoyments of a road-trip and a superb opportunity to meet people. It is a chance to relate to people in a happy setting. Don't be hesitant about putting yourself in the middle of these small town get-togethers because though these events may be a way to gather with family, friends and neighbors, it is also a time to meet strangers from all over the world

They expect you and you will be welcome. Robe yourself in that friendly smile and attitude and if people don't come up to you, then greet them. Everyone is a softy for a friendly warm smile and greeting

In the Ozarks these celebrations mean lots of music, good ol' Ozark Mountain music and musicians that are as good as anybody who does it for a living. Take the time while you are in the Ozarks to take a little road trip to one of these events. You'll have a fun time getting there too

Throughout the year we will be adding more to our lists. Our list is already lengthy with great celebrations, memorials, fairs and festivals, but as we write it is still early in the year and all the final arrangements have not been made

Our list is separated into seasons of the year for all locations both in Branson and the surrounding area. We have also duplicated the Branson list of on a separate Branson page. Most of the outlying areas listed are less than 3 hours from the Branson area

Traffic may not be as heavy in the winter but there are still activities so check our winterfest page to see what the winter holds. While March can be a mixture of winter and spring, events do start appearing more frequently and there are some fun times to be had in March and April so take a look at the spring-fest page

Late spring and early summer is an especially beautiful time in the Ozarks and the fair & fest circuit is lively in May and June so it is a full list on our summerfest-1 page

July and August is the time when many of us hit the streams, rivers and lakes for some water fun, but we also make time for the fun that awaits us at the many gatherings throughout the Ozarks. It is a good time for summer travel to the many get-togethers on our

summerfest-2 page

Next is the time of year that you might think that the Ozarks were made for with the gradual change from the heat to the cool evenings of autumn. This is just a special time and the fall-fest page guides you to so many places where you will enjoy the beauty and the people of the Ozarks

Finally, we begin thinking of the winter months that are still a few weeks away. This is a time of thanksgiving and Christmas cheer. Our holiday-Fest page include the late fall fests, Thanksgiving events and of course the many Christmas celebrations, activities and festival of lights that are so important in the Ozarks

Of course, Branson features memorials, celebrations and events just like the rest of the Ozarks and there is a lot going on in this entertainment Mecca throughout the year, so if you want to concentrate just on the Branson area you can review the Branson-festivals page for events year-round

Whether you are interested in art fests, craft shows, county fairs, music fests or film fests you'll find something in Branson and the Ozarks to meet your fancy. Gas prices are a concern for all of us but gas prices in the Ozarks are lower than most of America and your total cost will likely be no more if you take to the roads for a trip to these Ozarks festivities

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