You will find comedy all over Branson regardless of what you are doing, but we want to tell you about those wonderful people spread throughout the shows of Branson. Funny people, that are there to make you laugh, flowing in and out of the shows, in between the music or maybe as part of the music. These are the shows where laughter is a focused event, but you'll find it, though, in most of the other shows as well

Prices are estimates and are subject to change

Comedy at the Americana Theater
2905 W. Hwy 76 / 417-339-4663 /
76 Central Area – Light Orange on our area map

    3 Redneck Tenors
    2013 showtimes: Tue-Fri at 8 PM, Sat at 2 PM, Mar 2- Dec 31
    Christmas Show: Nov 2-Dec 30
    New Years Eve show at 9 PM

    2013 Price: Adults $33, Child 4-12 $15, Family(3 kids) $78
    2013 Price Christmas Show - Adults $36, Child 4-12 $16,
    2013 Price New Years Eve-TBA

    A hilarious, one of a kind, hit musical comedy.

    Todd Oliver & Friends
    2013 showtimes: Sat-Mon 8 PM, Tue/Thu 2 PM, Mar 2-Dec 31
    2013 Christmas Show: Nov 2-Dec 31

    2013 Price: Adults $33, Child 4-12 $15, Family (3 kids) $78
    2013 Christmas Show: Adults $34,Child 4-12 $16,Family $83

    Nationally acclaimed comedian and ventriloquist Todd Oliver performs his unique comedy with a lovable cast of characters including talking dogs, Lucy, Irving and Elvis

Comedy at Andy Williams Moon River Theater
2500 W. Hwy 76 / 417-334-4500 or 800-666-6094 /
76 CENTRAL-Light orange on our area map

    Moon River Weekends
    2013 Prices: For Ticket Reservations Call: 800-666-6094

      Rich Little's "Jimmy Stewart & Friends"
      2013 Show: Sept 20-21 at 8 PM

      The stage show is centered around Rich Little impersonating Jimmy Stewart as he reminisces and tells stories of all the stars and politicians from the past to the present. It’s a hilarious show that allows Rich Little to present all his fabulous impressions to the audience.

Comedy at the Baldknobbers Country Music Theater
2835 W. Hwy 76
417-334-4528 or 800-998-8908 /
76 Central Area – Light Orange on our Area Map

    The Baldknobbers Jamboree Show
    Stub Meadows, Droopy Drawers, Jr. and Hargus Marcel

    2013 Show time: Feb 15- Dec 28 at 8 PM
    2013 Price: Adults $33.47, Child (4-11) $17.85, Family $77

    The comedy filters through the whole show. This cast of comedians is talented and will keep you laughing

Comedy at the Branson Central Theater
625 Hwy 165 next to the Shanghai Theater / 417-335-2700 /
Hwy 165 Area, Lavendar on our area map

    Ozark Murder Mysteries
    2013 Price: Adult $28, Child 3-14 $15
    2013 Price with meal: Adult $28, Child 3-14 $15, Family $98

      Marriage is Murder
      2013 Showtimes: Sun-Tue-Thu-Sat, Feb 8-May 26 at 5 PM
      Note: In Feb show will be Fri-Sat + Thu 14 & Sun 17.
      In Mar show will be Fri 1st & 8th instead of Sat

      Hollywood newlyweds Stanley and Jolene Pitt find their honeymoon disrupted at the Bed & Breakfast when chaos breaks out and someone mysteriously dies! Novelist Angela Fletcher is called to help figure out 'whodunnit' . Angela needs a little help from the audience. Enjoy an interactive evening of marriage, mayhem, and murder and see if you can get the scoop before Angela does.

      Speak Easy, Die Hard
      2013 Showtimes: Sun-Wed-Fri, May 14-Aug 18 at 5 PM
      Note: In May show will be on Tue-Thu-Sat

      This pseudo-1930s murder mystery follows the paths of unlucky moonshine dealer, Peter "Pa" Parker and his even unluckier washed-up, never-been, country music singer friend, Roy Billy-Bob Joe Horton. When payments to the gangster community are missed insanity ensues in this farce full of bumbling gangsters, mistaken identities, and mysterious murder!

      Murder at the Hop
      2013 Showtimes: Tue-Thu-Sat, June 4-Aug 17 at 5 PM

      Torch Meadows is an aspiring rock star. Even so, mega nerd, Seymour Fredrickson, has finally mustered up the courage to ask Torch to the upcoming school dance. Johnny Rockett, Torch's thug boyfriend, and his friends teach Seymour a lesson. Unlike other murder mysteries, the audience is aware of the killer, but it's up to you to uncover the next victim. Come see just why everybody's boppin' at the Central High School Hop!

      Scared to Death
      2013 Showtimes: Sun-Tue-Thu-Sat, Aug 29-Oct 31 at 5 PM

      Life’s no fun without a good scare…at least that’s the word around the office as the Parrot Pet Company prepares for its annual Halloween Spectacular. Soon after the costumed guests arrive, a masqueraded murder leaves everyone in attendance scared to death! Detective Cocomo is hot on the trail as he unravels the mystery with help from the audience. You'll be howling for more!

      It WAS a Wonderful Life
      2013 Showtimes: Sat Nov 2, Sun-Wed-Fri, Nov 3-Dec 31 at 5 PM
      Note: Show will be on Tuesday Dec 24 and 31

      The Christmas season has once again snuck up on miserable George Daily. Hearing his cries, a shadowed sympathizer helps him by sending him to the other side. While awaiting his final destination, George is visited by a hapless angel named Clarice that shows him the changes his death has brought to the small town of Hollyville. With Clarice’s guidance, George is able to view the murder suspects that soon allows him to solve his own murder. A twisted parody on an old Christmas classic, It WAS a Wonderful Life is a mystery with a message.

      Who Killed Mr. Scrooge?
      2013 Showtimes: Tue-Thu-Sat, Nov 5-Dec 30 at 5 PM
      Note: Show will be on Monday Dec 23 & 30 instead of Tue

      In this modern-day spoof of the Christmas classic, miserly Ed Scrooge begrudgingly throws a Christmas party for his employees. The festivities come to a screeching halt when Scrooge suddenly dies! With so many people hating Scrooge, it will take some clever sleuthing from the audience to figure out whodunnit.

    Comedy Hypnosis
    2013 Show times: Sun-Tue-Thur, Mar 12-Dec 31 at 8 PM
    2013 Price: Adult $32, Child 6-15 $18, Family $75.00

    Master Hypnotist Jecobie Roberts is both funny and amazing in her "Mind at Play" performance.

At The Branson's Master of Magic Theater
2353 W. Hwy 248
888-337-7155 /
76 East Area – Light Green on our area map

    Taylor Reed-The Magic and Comedy Show
    2013 Show times: Apr 5-Dec 30 at 3 PM, 7:30 PM or both
    2013 New Years Eve Show: Dec 31 at 9 PM

    2013 Price Reg Seat: Adults $36.71, Teen (13-17)$19.41, child (4-12) $12.10, Family Pass 2 Adults & up to 3 child 0-17 $82

    2013 Price VIP: Adults $40.06, Child 0-17 $19.45

    2013 New Years Eve: Adults $55.23, Child 0-17 $23.26
    2013 New Years Eve-VIP:Adults $58.47, Child 0-17 $25.50

At the Clay Cooper Theater
3216 W. Hwy 76 / 888-222-8910 /
76 Central Area – Light Orange on our area map

    Buckets N Boards
    2013 Showtimes: Mar 20-Aug 16, 2 or 8PM (no show-Apr-May)
    2013 prices: Adult $25, Child $13

    This is a high energy show full of rhythmic and musical comedy, full of percussion, spectacular tap dancing, hilarious songs and music from the most unexpected objects.

    Clay Cooper Country Music Express-Matt "Sticky Gumm"
    2013: Showtimes: Mar 9-Dec 30 at 10 AM, 2 or 8 PM
    2013 Price: Adults-$34.00, Child-$17.00

    Sticky Gumm's characters, impersonations and physical slapstick style of comedy will keep you laughing throughout the show. A musical talent emerges as he plays some off the wall instruments in some half serious moments during the show.

At the God and Country Theater
1840 W. Hwy 76 / 417-334-6806 /
76 East Area – Light Green on our area map

    A Heapin' Spoonful
    2013 Showtime: Mon-Wed-Fri-Sat at 7:30 AM, Apr 1-Dec 7
    2013 Price: Adults $32, Child (13-19) $20, Family $75

    Join hit singer/songwriters Ron and Kay Rivoli along with Branson's own Harley Worthit in celebrating a love of God, Family and Country. Hear songs like When I Die, Bury Me at Wal-Mart, Press 1 For English, Freedoms' Not Free and more!

At the Grand Country Music Hall
1945 W Hwy 76 / 417-335-2484/888-506-6278 /
76 East Area – Light Green on our area map

    Comedy Jamboree
    2013 Showtimes: Mon-Sat at 3 PM, Jan 1-Dec 31
    2013 Price: Adults-$29.99, Child(4-17)$15, Family(6 kids)$62.72

    2013 all-show Season Pass: Adults-$120, Child(4-17)$79

    This is a comedy and musical extravaganza starring funny guys, Applejack and Guppy McGee.

At the Hamner Barber Theater
3090 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway
888-335-2080 / 76 West Theater – Light Yellow on our area map

    The Hamner Barber Show
    2013 Show: Tue-Sat Mar 8-Oct 26 at 8PM, 3PM Sun-select Dates
    2013 Christmas: Tue-Sat Nov 1-Dec 14 at 8 PM & 3 PM Dec 29
    2013 Show times: Dec 27, 28 & 30 at 8 PM
    2013 New Years Eve: Dec 31 at 9 PM

    2013 Price: Adults (18+) $34.60, Teen (13-17) $18.41, Child (4-12) $10.04, Family Pass $89.28
    2013 New Years Eve Price: Adults (18+) $58.59, Teen (13-17) $38.50, Child (4-12) $28.46, Family Pass $174.10

    The Hamners have received their 2nd Merlin Award in 2006. Jim Barber also received the Merlin Award for his unique combination of magic techniques and ventriloquism. A funny and amazing show.

    Red – A tribute to Red Skelton
    2013 Showtimes: Mar 12-Dec 14 at 10 AM
    2013 Price: Adults $29.02, Teen (13-17) $18.41, Child (4-12) $10.04, Family Pass $78.12

    Tom Mullica's one-man tribute show is a living, breathing, giggling, reification of Red Skelton

At the Jim Stafford Theater
3440 W. Hwy 76 / 417-335-8080 /
76 West Theater – Light Yellow on our area map

    Jim Stafford
    2013 Show: Sun-Wed at 8 PM & Thurs at 3 PM, Mar 17-Dec 31

    2013-Price includes tax: Rows 10-31: Adult-$36.75, Teen (13-17)-$19.30, Child (7-12)-$13.10, Child (6 & under)-$5.50, Family Pass - $80.10
    2013-Price: VIP Rows 1-9: Adult-$39.75, Child (0-12)-$16.45

    His marquee proclaims "Caution: Comedy Genius at Work!" And so it is. He is one funny guy. You can't help but leave happier than when you arrived. His banjo, guitar, and harmonica playing is highlighted in the show and his two very talented children Sheaffer and G.G. add to the delight of this show.

    Pure Comedy Starring Joey I.L.O.
    2013 Show: Tue-Fri at 3 PM or 8 PM, April 2-Dec 13

    2013-Price includes tax: Adult-$36.75, (6-12)-$11.50,

    Funny Man Joey I.L.O brings his Pure Comedy show to Jim Stafford's Theater. Always Funny and Always Clean

At The Kirby Van Burch Theater
Formerly Music City Centre / 1835 West Hwy 76
417-544-9075 /
76 East Area – Light Green on our area map

    Joey Riley Comedy & Music Review
    2013 Show time: TBA
    2013 Pricing: check box office

    Get a full dose of Joey's zany sense of humor and incredible musical talents along. Joey and the "Git R Done" band offer a dynamic country music performance

At the Oak Ridge Boys Theater
464 State Hwy 248 / 417-239-1333 /
Branson North Area – Pale blue on our Area Map

    Bill Cosby
    2013 Showtimes: Oct 12 at 8 PM
    2013 Price: Adults - $77

    One of America’s most beloved comedians of all time, Bill Cosby has captivated generations of fans with his comedy routines that transcends age, gender and cultural barriers.

At the Pierce Arrow Theater
3069 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway
877-687-4241 /
76 West Theater – Light Yellow on our area map

    The Pierce Arrow Show - Jarrett Dougherty
    2013 Show: Mon-Sat, Feb 10-Dec 31, 3 PM +/or 7:30 PM
    2013 Price:Call 877-687-4241 for box office pricing

    He is absolutely one of the funniest people you'll ever see. If you came to Branson with a chip on your shoulder, Jarrett will be in your face about it. Whatever character he's portraying, you'll leave with a laugh and a memory that will pop up in your mind months later and make you laugh again. This is comedy at its best and with new characters for 2013

At the Presley's Theater
2920 W. Hwy 76 / 417-334-4874 or 800-335-4874 /
76 Central Area – Light Orange on our area map

    The Presleys - Herkimer and son Cecil
    2013 Showtime: Mar 8-Oct 31 at 8 PM
    2013 Christmas:Nov 1-Dec 14 at 8 PM (Tue/Thu Nov 5-21 & Sat Nov 30-2 shows at 2 & 8 PM)

    2013 Price: Adults-$33.48, Child(4-12)-$16.74, Family $78.12
    2013 Season Passes: Adults $61.38, Child $30.69
    2013 Price Premium Seat: Adults-$36.83, Child(4-12)-$18.41, Family Pack-$87.06
    2013 Season passes: Adult $61.38, Child $30.69

    2013 Christmas: Adults-$35.72, Child(4-12)-$17.86, Family Pack-$82.58
    2013 Christmas Premium Seat: Adults-$39.06, Child(4-12)-$19.53, Family Pack-$91.52

    This is physical comedy at its best. Herkimer has been tickling the funny bone of guests and now son Cecil joins Herkimer with some of the funniest routines around.

Comedy at Starlite Theater
3115 W. Hwy 76 / 417-337-9333 /
76 Central Area – Light Orange on our area map

    Larry's Country Diner
    2013 Schedule and Prices: Check website or phone 417-337-9333 for information and tickets
    2013 pricing: $39

    The popular RFD-TV series “Larry’s Country Diner” returns to Starlite Theater for 2013 with a special musical guest each week:

    Joey and Rory – April 25th and 26th at 8 PM
    Bill Anderson – April 27th and 28th at 8 PM
    Dailey & Vincent – May 2nd and 3rd at 3 PM
    Gene Watson – May 9th and 10th at 3 PM & 8 PM
    Exile – May 9th and 10th at 8 PM
    Jimmy Fortune-May 16th and 17th at 8 PM
    Riders In The Sky – May 18th and 19th at 8 PM
    T. Graham Brown – May 25th and 26th at 8 PM
    Country Duo Wilson Fairchild - June 14-16
    Marty Raybon - July 5-7
    Gary Morris - August 23-25
    Rhonda Vincent - September 10-12
    Ronnie Robbins - September 13-15
    Gene Watson - September 24-26
    Dailey & Vincent - October 1 & 3
    Billy Dean - October 4-6
    Mandy Barnett - October 18-20

Comedy At The White House Theater
2255 Gretna / 417-335-2396 / /
76 West Theater – Light Yellow on our area map

    Paul Harris & The Cleverly's
    2013 Showtimes: Apr 12-Dec 30 at 7:30 PM

    2013 Price: Adults $36.27, Teen (12-17) $15.62, Child (4-11) $11.16, Family Pass $88.16
    2013 Pricing with meal: Adults $49.27, Teen (12-17) $28.62, Child (0-11) $24.16

    Want some bluegrass with your comedy? You'll get it here!

At the Yakov Smirnoff Theater
Yakov Smirnoff Theater
470 Hwy 248 / 800-728-4546 /
Branson North Area – Pale blue on our Area Map

    Yakov's Smirnoff Show
    2013 Showtimes: Oct 1-27 at 4:30 PM
    2013 Christmas: Nov 5-27 at 4:30 PM

    2013 Dinner Show Price: Adults $54.16

    You will expect to find comedy when you visit Yakov. There is stand-up, skits and plenty of interaction with the audience. Yakov loves America as you will see in some of the stories that he will tell during the show. He will make you laugh but he will also make you proud of America and finally realize how we are blessed.

We haven't begun to tap the comedy running through the veins of Branson and the Ozarks, so forgive us if we haven't gotten to your favorite yet. We'll be telling you much more about the comedy in Branson, so check back with us frequently.

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