Hughes Brothers IT

The Hughes Brothers really are “It”!

Perhaps it was because of the time of year it was – the temperature high was 25 degrees that day – and it was early February and Branson doesn’t have a lot of tourism during the winter season. The result was a small audience; about 75 in a house that would seat many more. But it felt like we had all been invited over to the Hughes’s house for some fun with the family.

And what a family. Five brothers lead the experience together with their very talented wives (“We auditioned them”), and most of their combined 36 children. I tried to count them but it was hard. The newest member of the family was about 3 days old at the time, and I think the smallest bundle was actually him, carried by a sibling.

The theater is a family business. Just about everything is run by a family member, and the result is very homey. The children are all brought into the act clearly before they can walk, talk or sing.

A special treat that night was one of the little ones, I think he was three, managed to get back to where the drums were and started playing them while his dad and his uncle were up front speaking to the audience, and it appeared totally normal to him that everyone should watch his debut. It really was very cute. And great fun.

I don’t know why this is, but to me the best part of the show was the kids. Separate from their parents, the kids all performed (the ones who can walk and talk and sing, that is) a few current Top 40 hits and show tunes. Some of them played the violin and did a fantastic job.

I would guess that eventually some of these young ones will go on to show biz careers of their own, and some will go on to do other things. Don’t wait until that happens before you go see their show – especially if you have kids.

“It” is a family treat!

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