Pop Music

Pop Music is identified by people differently. Some suggest that it is light rock while others consider it anything with lyrics about love, relationships and life experiences. Others may categorize it by the rhythm or structure.

We may not provide the real definition but we will classify it in a way that makes sense to us. Much of what we include in pop music comes from the 40's, 50's, 60's and later. There is a lot of crossover of music types in many of the Branson MO Shows. We classify based on our opinion of the primary emphasis. You may disagree, so check our other pages for more music venues.

Rock Music
Country Music

Pop Music at the Americana Theater
2905 W. Hwy 76 / 417-339-4663 / theamericanatheater.com
76 Central Area – Light Orange on our area map

    Reeling in The Years with John Tweed
    2013 show: Tue-Thu-Sat Dinner Show at 5 PM, Mar 26-Dec. 14
    2013 Christmas Show: Nov 2-Dec. 14

    2013 Price: Adults $35, Child 4-12 $20
    2013 Price Christmas Show - Adults $36, Child 4-12 $21

    John's incredible 4 octave voice is legendary in Branson around the world!

    2013 show: Various Dates at 10 AM, Apr 9- Dec 7
    Christmas Show: Nov 5-Dec 7

    2013 Price: Adults $35, Child 4-12 $16,
    2013 Christmas Price: Adults $36, Child 4-12 $17

    Cassandre’ the Voice of An Angel is a show experience unlike anything else in Branson! Cassandre’s stunning, world class voice is backed by the largest live orchestra in Branson featuring 10 members playing 20 different instruments!

    Dazzling costume changes and high energy production add to the fun! 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s Pop, Broadway, Gospel, Love songs, Big Band, Country and more! As an added surprise Cassandre’ has a few tricks up her sleeve for unexpected, hilarious laughs along the way!

    Joseph Hall's "Elvis" – Rock 'N' Remember
    2013 show: Tue-Thu-Sat Dinner Show at 2 PM, Mar 11-Oct 30
    Christmas Show: Nov 4-Dec. 11

    2013 Price: Adults $35, Child 4-12 $16
    2013 Price: Christmas Show - Adults $36, Child 4-12 $17

    As Seen on Good Morning America, NBC's America's Got Talent, USA Today, Fox News, The Morning Show and many more!

Pop Music at American Bandstand Theater
1600 W. Hwy 76 / 417-339-3003 or 800-374-7469
dickclarkabbranson.com - legendsinconcert.com
76 East Area – Light Green on our area map

    Legends in Concert
    2013 Show: 3 and/or 8 PM, Feb 7-Oct 31
    2013 Christmas: 3 and/or 8 PM, Nov 1-Dec 30

    2013 Price: Adults $35.72, Child (4-12)$13.40
    2013 Price: VIP seats: Adults $39.06, Age 4-12 $16.74

    A rotating group of performers will perform throughout the year. For more information go to websites or call the theater.

    Feb 7-May 21: Jerry Lee Lewis, Diana Ross, Brooks & Dunn, The Blues Brothers & Elvis Presley
    May 23-Sep 3: Celine Dion, The Temptations, Johnny Cash, The Blues Brothers & Elvis Presley
    Sep 5-Oct 31: Buddy Holly, Whitney Houston, Johnny Cash, The Blues Brothers & Elvis Presley
    Nov 1-Dec 30: Stevie Wonder, Cher, Alan Jackson, The Blues Brothers & Elvis Presley

    Brett Family
    2013 Show: Mon-Fri, Apr 15-Oct 25 at 10 AM
    Note: Tue & Wed in Jul & Aug

    2013 Christmas Showtime: Mon-Sat, Nov 1-Dec 14 at 10 AM

    2013 Price: Adult $36.83, Age 13-17-$16.74, Child-$11.16, Family $75.33

    2013 Christmas Price: Adult $37.94, Age 13-17 $17.86, Child $12.28, Family $77.56

    The Brett Family show is a crisp and polished two hour production featuring musical variety from the 30's to the present with a good dose of comedy. This is a variety show for all ages.

Pop Music at Andy Williams Moon River Theater
2500 W. Hwy 76 / 417-334-4500 or 800-666-6094
andywilliams.com / vocalmeow.com
76 CENTRAL-Light orange on our area map

    The Cat's Pajama's
    2013 show: Wed-Sun at 2 or 8 PM, Mar 13-May 31
    2013 show: Thu-Mon at 2 or 8 PM, Jun 1-Aug 10
    2013 show: Sun-Thu at 2 or 8 PM, Sep 3-Oct 24
    2013 show: Mon-Sat at 10 AM or 2 PM, Nov 1-Dec 7

    2013 Price: Adults $33, Child 1-12 $12

    An award winning a capella quartet that has been seen around the world. "Professional A Capella that is the cat's meow"

    Liverpool Legends
    2013 show: Jun 4-Aug 10 at 8 PM
    2013 Price: Adults $33, Child $12

    A recreation of the fab four, Louise Harrison, sister to George, handpicked these talented musicians and actors with precision to every detail.

    Daniel O'Donnell with Mary Duff
    2013 show: M-T-W-F-Sat at 2 PM, Nov 1-Dec 7
    2013 Price: Adult $45, Ages 2-12 $15

    The Spectacular International Star that has become one of the most successful entertainers in Branson, nearly selling out every performance! Teaming up with Mary Duff, Ireland’s Top Female Vocalist, you’ll get a blend of traditional Irish ballads, country favorites and gospel with an Irish twist.

    Oh What A Night! A Musical Tribute to Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons

    2013 show: Apr 1-May 31 and Sep 3-Oct 24 at 2 or 8 PM
    2013 Price: 2013 Prices: Adults $33, Child $12

Pop Music at The Caravelle Theater
3446 W. Hwy 76 / 417-334-5100 / Caravellec.com
76 West Theater – Light Yellow on our area map

    Dudu Fisher
    2013 Show: Oct 15-Nov 23 at 2 or 8 PM
    2013 Price: Adult $32.50, Child (4-17) $16.25

    Dudu Fisher is known throughout the world for his stirring performance as Jean Valjean in the hit show "Les Miserables." Dudu has recorded 38 albums and performed with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, the London Symphony Orchestra

    # 1 Hits of the 60's
    2013 Show: Mon-Sat, Mar 14-Oct 30 at 2 PM or 8 PM
    2013 Christmas: Mon-Sat, Nov 1-Dec 7 at 2 PM or 8 PM

    2013 Price: Adults $32, Child (6-12) $16, Family Pass $79

    Voted one of the top ten shows in Branson, the cast will take you for a high energy rock and pop music party during the days of the British invasion, Motown, California surfin' and the age of Aquarius. A very special tribute is given to the Vietnam War Veterans

Pop Music at The Clay Cooper Theater
3216 W. Hwy 76 / 888-222-8910 / claycoopertheater.com
76 Central Area – Light Orange on our area map

    Rankin Brothers
    2013-Show: various days & times (2 or 8 PM) Apr 1-Oct 30
    2013 Christmas: Tue-Fri, Nov 1-Dec 6 at 2 or 8 PM
    2013-Price: Adults $34, Child $17, family $75

    The Rankin Brothers, their talented cast of three female vocalists (The Rankinettes) and their all-star band take you on a trip down memory lane, featuring Rock n' Roll, Country, gospel and comedy. A great variety show with musical impressions that are astonishing!

    Red, Hot and Blue
    2013 Show: March 19-Oct 30 at 10 AM
    2013 Christmas Show: Nov 1 – Dec 29 at 10 AM
    2013 Price: Adults-$31.00, Child-$15.00, Family (to 4 kids) $65.00

    These incredible entertainers sing and dance in a fabulous high-energy, beautifully costumed production featuring the timeless melodies that will take you back to the classic jazz era of the 40's, the hilarious 50's, the rockin' 60's, the disco of the 70's and more. They perform a full range of your favorite pop music

Pop Music at The Doug Gabriel Theater
3750 W. Hwy 76 (Behind Olive Garden) / 417-334-7131
76 West Theater – Light Yellow on our area map

    2013 Show: Tue-Sat, Mar 14-Dec 31 at 10 AM or 8 PM or both
    2013 Christmas: Tue-Sat, Nov 1-Dec 30 at 10 AM or 8 PM or both
    2013 New Years Eve Show: 9 PM

    2013 Price: Adults $33. Child (3-16) $15
    2013 Christmas Show : Adults $35. Child (3-16) $15
    2013 New Years Eve Price:TBA

    Doug is a guitarist, pianist and one of the greatest voices in Branson. Doug Gabriel is a 7 time "Male Vocalist of the Year" recipient and has also been awarded "Entertainer of the Year" and "Instrumentalist of the Year." You'll get a kick and some good sounds from Doug's Mufftar which is a guitar made from the muffler of a 1969 Thunderbird. A good, clean family variety show

Pop Music at the Dutton Family Theater
3454 West Hwy 76 / 417-332-2772 or 888-DUTTON-1 / theduttons.com
76 West Theater – Light Yellow on our area map

    The Duttons
    2013 Show: Apr 8-Oct 31, at 2 and/or 8 PM
    2013 Christmas Show: Nov 1-Dec 10, at 8 PM or 2 & 8 PM

    2013 Price: Adult -$33.50, Age 13-18-$15.00, Age 4-12-$10.00, Family (to 6 kids) $75.00

    The Duttons combine beautiful vocal harmonies, instrumental virtuosity, high energy dancing and heartwarming comedy. These are seasoned performers who have toured the World and were 2007 finalists on "America's Got Talent."

    George Dyer
    2013 Show: Tue-Wed-Thu, Apr 9-Dec 7, at 10 AM
    Note: Fri at 8 PM instead of Thu in June. M-F during Nov/Dec

    2013 Price: Adult -$33.50, Age 13-18-$15.00, age 5-12-$10.00, Family $75.00

    A beautiful, magnificent tenor voice that will capture your attention regardless of your musical preference

Pop Music at the God & Country Theater
1840 W. Hwy 76 / 417-334-6806 / Godandcountrytheater.com
76 East Area – Light Green on our area map

    California Dreamin
    2013 Show: Apr 18-Dec 5, Tue, Thur at 10 AM
    2013 Price: Adults $32, Age 13-19-$20, Age 0-12-Free, Family $75

    Take a nostalgic and moving musical ride with The Mamas & Papas, Simon and Garfunkel, 5th Dimension, Joni Mitchell, Burt Bacharach, The Association and many more. Great harmonies, energetic dancing and laughs to create a truly touching walk down memory lane.

    The Tinoco's Magnificent Seven
    2013 Show: Apr 2-Dec 5, Tue-Thu-Sun at 7 PM
    2013 Price: Adults $32, Age 13-19-$20, Age 0-12-Free, Family $75

    Non-Stop Excitement!! Starring Joe and Tamra Tinoco along with Talya and a standout cast of singers and dancers who take you on a journey from the 1940's to today! Seven decades of music!

Pop Music at Jim Stafford Theater
3440 W. Hwy 76 / 417-335-8080 / jimstafford.com
76 West Theater – Light Yellow on our area map

    A Neil Diamond Tribute starring Keith Allyn
    2013 Show: Mar 19-Dec 13 at 10:30 AM
    2013 Price: Adult-$34.00, Age 6-12-$11.50, Family $85

    Keith was awarded Tribute Artist of the year for 2009 and 2010 and Tribute show of the year for 2010 and 2011.

    Tony Roi Elvis Experience
    2013 Show: Mar 15-Oct 28. Fri-Mom at 3 PM or 8 PM
    2013 Christmas: Fri-Mon, Nov 1-Dec 30 at 3 PM, 8PM or both

    2013 Price: Adults $36.50, Age 4-12-$17.50, Age 0-3-$5.50, Family $80.10
    2013 Price: VIP seats: Adults $39.50, Age 4-12-$19.50, age 0-3- $5.50, Family $85.10

    A tribute to the world's greatest music legend, Tony Roi will make you feel like Elvis Presley is on stage

    Jim Stafford
    2013 Show: Sun-Wed-8 PM and Thurs-3 PM, Mar 17-Oct 31, 2013
    2013 Christmas: Sun-Wed-8 PM and Thurs-3 PM, Nov 3-Dec 30,

    2013-Price: Row 10-31: Adult-$36.75, 13-17-$19.30, 7-12-$13.10, 0-6 $5.50 Family - $80.10
    2013-Price: VIP Rows 1-9: Adult-$39.75, Age 12 & under-$16.45

    His marquee proclaims "Caution: Comedy Genius at Work!" And so it is. He is one funny guy. You can't help but leave happier than when you arrived. His banjo, guitar, and harmonica playing is highlighted in the show and his two very talented children Sheaffer and G.G. add to the delight of this show.

Pop Music at the King's Castle Theatre
2701 W. Hwy 76 / 417-334-2500 or 800-462-7267 / bransonvarietytheater.com
76 Central Area – Light Orange on our area map

    Twelve Irish Tenors
    2013 show: Feb 21-Oct 31 at 10AM, 3 PM or 8 PM
    2013 Christmas: Nov 1-Dec 21 at 10AM, 3 PM or 8 PM

    2013 Price: Adult $35, 0-12 $15
    2013 VIP: Adult $37

    Pop music from Ireland! This talented group of Ireland's finest singers are taking the concert world by storm as they perform their award winning show to sold out concert halls in Europe and America. From Opera to pop music, from jazz to classical, this show is a smash hit!

    New Jersey Nights: The Songs of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
    2013 show: Feb 14-Oct 23 at 10 AM, 3 PM, 5 PM, 8 PM
    Christmas Show: Nov 1-Dec 30 at 10 AM, 3 PM or 8 PM

    2013 Price: Adult $35, 0-12 $15
    2013 VIP: Adult $37

    The fabulous sound of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. This show will bring back memories and create a few more

Pop Music at The Mickey Gilley Theater
3455 West Hwy 76 / 417-334-3210 or 800-334-1936 / gilleys.com, sixtheshow.com
76 West Theater – Light Yellow on our area map

    2013 Show: Mar 1-Oct 30 at 2 or 8PM
    Christmas show: Nov 1-Dec 21 at 2 or 8PM or both

    2013 Price: Adults-$34.42, Age 12-17-$17.74, Age 3-11 $7.70

    Six real brothers and six human voices…period. Their voices do it all, percussion, instrument, harmonies and more. Fantastic variety show!

Pop Music at The Oak Ridge Boys Theater
464 State Hwy 248 / 417-239-1333 or 866-707-4100 / Themansiontheatre.com
Branson North Area – Pale blue on our Area Map

    Johnny Mathis Christmas Show Nov 15-16 at 8 PM
    2013 Price: Adults-$77,

Pop Music at RFD-TV The Theater
4080 West Hwy 76 / 417-332-2282 / rfdtvthetheater.com
76 West Theater – Light Yellow on our area map

    Totally 70's Music Explosion with Barry Williams
    2013 Show: Tue-Thu-Sat, Mar 16-Oct 26 at 2 PM
    2013 Christmas: Tue-Thu-Sat, Nov 2-Dec 30 at 2 PM

    2013 Price: Adult $35, 4-12 $17, Family $85
    2013 Christmas: Adult $36, 4-12 $18, Family $90

    Totally 70's Music Explosion will star Barry Williams as he takes audiences on a nostalgic trip back in time with talented singers and dancers, a live band and a state-of-the-art multimedia presentation. The show will combine comedy along with the best songs of the ‘70's, including folk, disco, singer-songwriter tunes, rock and even country music!

    2013 Show: Sun-Mon at 7:30 PM and Wed & Fri at 2 PM June 2-Aug 9
    2013 Price: Adult $35, 4-12 $16

    The crazy Swedes are back in Branson! It’s a world of heavy TAP beats, percussion, voices and noise, craziness and visual music mania. It's unique where everything becomes a musical instrument.

    2013 Show: Feb 9-Oct 30, at 7:30 PM
    2013 Christmas: Nov 2-Dec 30 at 7:30 PM
    2013 New Years Eve Show: Dec 31 at 9 PM

    2013 Price: Adults $38, 4-12 $17, Family $89
    2013 Christmas: Adults $39, 4-12 $17, Family $94

    Every type of music from classical to country to rock can be heard at the Haygoods. A multitude of instruments and dance numbers plus accapella harmonies make this is a high energy variety show performance

    Mollie B Polka Party-Christmas Special
    2013 Show: Nov 10 at 2 PM & 7:30 PM
    2013 Price: Adult $33, 13-17 $16, 4-12 $8

    You will be entertained with some of your favorite Christmas music by Mollie B, and other polka musicians including Alex Meixner, Ted Lange, Fred Ziwich, Tuba Dan and more

    For about 2 hours, Mollie B and her friends will perform a variety of music, including a few Christmas polkas. You will get to enjoy Mollie B sing her beautiful rendition of "Ave Maria" and "My Favorite Things," as well as the "Merry Christmas Polka

Pop Music at The Shoji Tabuchi Theater
3620 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway / 417-334-7469
76 WEST-Light yellow on our area map

    Shoji Tabuchi Show
    2013 Show: Various Dates Apr 19-Oct 23 at 10:30, 3 or 7:30 or multiple shows. Times vary by date

    2013 Christmas: Daily Nov 1-Dec 11 at 10:30, 3 or 7:30 or combination. Times vary by date

    2013 Price: Adults $41.29, 12-18 $22.32, 2-11 $11.16, Family $99
    2013 Christmas: Adults $49.10, 12-18 $27.90, 2-11 $16.74

    A master violinist and fiddler, Shoji knows a little something about putting on show. Set in a grand theater this is a high energy, top of the line production of music and dancing.

Pop Music at Starlite Theater
3115 W. Hwy 76 / 417-337-9333 / starlitetheater.com
76 Central Area – Light Orange on our area map

    The Texas Tenors

    2013 Show: Apr 30-May 9, May 30-Jun 9, Sep 14-Oct 20 at 3 or 8 PM
    2013 Christmas Show: Nov 1-Dec 5 at 3 or 8 PM

    2013 Price: $39

    Over 100 million people from around the world tuned in to America's Got Talent last summer to see the Texas Tenors become #1 Vocal Group in the history of America's Got Talent. A unique blend of country music, gospel, classical and Broadway the trio bring to the stage breathtaking vocals, humor, chemistry and cowboy charm

There you have our list of pop music in Branson. We surely missed the mark with some classifications but pop music seems to include a wide variety of music and Branson offers the best mix of entertainment that we know of, so enjoy, no matter what you call it.

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